Resolving Controversies in Mahabharata

Resolving Controversies in Mahabharata

Course Description:

There are many episodes in the Mahabharatha which are controversial and give rise to many new-age opinions and speculations which eclipse the true essence of Mahabharatha. The distorted understanding of these episodes create distorted or sometimes perverted thought processes and they create wrong role models. This leads to increase of adharma and the peace and order of society is disturbed. It is important to understand these episodes and the characters involved in those episodes from the point of view of vyasadeva, the original author of Mahabharatha and his faithful followers. In this course, in the 1st session, a detailed introduction to vedic scriptures is presented and in the remaining 11 sessions, the most popular episodes which have led to different controversies are thoroughly discussed from the point of Srila Vedavyasa.

By the end of this course, the student will be able to understand and explain the right understanding of some of the controversial episodes of mahabharatha and he will be able to resolve those controversies. While going through the course, the student will also be able to learn many core concepts of sanatana dharma and life such as the divisions of the scriptures and their relevance, the definition of dharma, the types of dharma, dharma sankata, the caste system, the concept and purpose of avatara, the concept of integral dharma, gambling, purpose and types of marriages, response to sufferings and many more.

The understanding of these concepts will help us to make right decisions in our life for our self growth and the growth of society. Multiple Choice Quiz is there at the end of each session to test the understanding of the student.



INSTRUCTOR: Radhika Vallabha Das

AUDIENCE: Everyone



ACCESS: Lifetime


CHARGES: ₹1500