Ramayana Shiksha

Easy Journey to other Planets

Course Description: This is a certified course where we attempt to facilitate the children with a basic understanding of our EPIC RAMAYANA

Course Benefits to students: Children will Benefit by understanding some amazing Life lessons from the Ramayana which will be application-based. This certificate course will give them an Overview of the Ramayana ..Kand wise so they can understand the Ramayana in a systematic way. The course will be conducted by HG Shubh Vilas Prabhu with amazing power point presentations …and life lessons. …there will be a certificate given to all the children who wish to attempt the assignment …after the end of the Module !!

Objectives of this course:

  1. Easy-to-follow overview.
  2. To extract key concepts, historical facts & life lessons from various episodes.
  3. To provide a road map & from work to inspire you to further study Ramayana.

General Instructions:

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Happy Learning!!!




INSTRUCTOR: Shubha Vilas Das

AUDIENCE: For Kids above 6 yrs



ACCESS: Lifetime


CHARGES: ₹2000