Psychology, Astrology & Gita


A unique 7 session online course on the occasion of Gita Jayanti – invitation to a personal transformational journey. Students will have a holistic and Integrated understanding of their core inner nature and strength. As a result they will take action with the correct attitude based on the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita.

PAG01: History of the Mind – 3 perspectives
90 Minutes
  • Psychology: The need to understand the nature and workings of the mind
  • Systems set up by the Supreme for our benefit and how do we take help of these systems
  • Ways in which the mind has been studied in the world
  1. Matter-centric understanding of the western philosophers
  2. Faith-centric understanding in different world traditions
  3. Vedic/ Dharmik understanding of the nature and functioning of the mind
  • Systems that facilitate a stable living for a consistent, coherent and everlasting spiritual practice.
PAG02: Psychology – Then & Now
90 Minutes
PAG03: Going beyond Psychology
90 Minutes
PAG04: Grihas and their character
90 Minutes
PAG05: Gita – Taking beyond Psychology and Astrology
100 Minutes
PAG06: Integration of Gita, Psychology and Astrology
80 Minutes
PAG07: The Evolved Mind
90 Minutes

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