Dharma and Gita

Course Description: A 7 Session Enlivening Course on Bhagavad Gita, the Song of God

Background of Gita – Day 1
It’s unique and different from other sastras. Practical reality saturated with integrated life. It’s call for intense action with the spirit of Journey in mind.

Dharma of Gita – Day 2

    • Dharma and Dharmi
    • Invoking the Rajarshi traits.
    • Individual and legacy growth.

Content of Gita – Day 3

  • From bhoga to yoga
  • Ahimsa and hinsa integrated.
  • Elements of creation and life’s aim.

Gita beyond philosophy – Day 4
Goal of gita is tattva or Kriya? Conflict in philosophy and conflict in life. Which is more challenging?

Sva dharma and Gita – Day 5
Gita’s emphasis on personal journey at any cost. Harmonizing different level of one’s personality.

Loka Sangraha and Gita – Day 6
Gita pushes for eternal reality even in the mundane world. Therefore avatara happens and loka Sangraha happens.

Integration of Yoga – Day 7
Bhava, Buddhi, Kriya and dhyana are integrated with the foundation of yoga.

Course Benefits to students: Deeper Understanding of Gita.

EC08 – Day 1 – Background of Gita
EC08 – Day 2 – Dharma of Gita
EC08 – Day 3 – Content of Gita
EC08 – Day 4 – Gita Beyond Philosophy
EC08 – Day 5 – Sva Dharma and Gita
EC08 – Day 6 – Loka Sangraha and Gita
EC08 – Day 7 – Integration of Yoga

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Enrolled: 2 students
Lectures: 7
Video: 90 Mins Each
NRI Charges: 15
Level: Intermediate