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It is said that when it comes to wealth, there is a united belief that it is the essence of life. Albeit many philosophers discussing wealth from opposite perspectives of either despising it or depositing it in their banks and in their hearts, nobody can deny the need and glory of wealth. One famous philosopher said, “Wisdom is good with an inheritance.”  The topic of wealth as presented by the prominent teachers and kings within the pages of the Mahabharata, becomes an interesting reference for today, and is therefore presented in this course.

The purpose of this course is to discuss various aspects of wealth and to remove all misapprehensions that spiritual scriptures from the Vedas are against prosperity. The honourable Kunti, Mother of the Pandavas, says in her prayers to Sri Krishna that, “Wealth, birth in an aristocratic family, beauty and power are entanglements.” Yet, the same Kunti also explains that, “Satisfaction, kindness, inaction and fear, destroy wealth – and man without action does not achieve significant position in life.” This systematic course is an effort to dissipate the conflict between being ambitious and simultaneously grounded in Dharma. The misconception that “good” people cannot or will not have wealth because it is against the will of God, and so there is no point in being good, is important to disperse. Good is not sufficient to instil good in the world, one also needs to be intelligent and logical; earning is not a sin, but misusing one’s earnings can be reactionary. We will strive to establish that wealth as represented by Laxmi, and Dharma as represented by Narayana, can stay together happy, stable and spiritual.

This course will enlighten the participants on the concept of wealth, how to attain it, how to retain it, how to grow it and at the same time how to remain sober while it grows.

EC03/ Lesson 01: Secrets from Laxmi Devi

Discussing the conversation between Laxmi Devi herself, and Rukmini, wherein Rukmini eagerly inquires about the residential place of Laxmi and the essence of wealth.

EC03/ Lesson 02: Sri Krishna’s directives to the Pandavas

Discussing some of the foundational philosophers of the Western world who have impacted the Western mindset for a progressive society. We will compare their teachings to Sri Krishna’s directives to the Pandavas for their overall progress.

EC03/ Lesson 03: Arthashastra of Chanakya

Discussing the Arthashastra of Chanakya who refers to artha as the foundation of Dharma – his logic being that only a stable person can actually discuss Dharma.

EC03/ Lesson 04: Nārada, the Management Guru

An astonishing conversation between Narada and Yudhisthira, both individuals who are seemingly known to be indifferent towards worldly wealth. We will be surprised to learn how Naradamuni presents astounding rationales for a practical and harmonious living – a presentation that sounds as sweet as his divine Vina.

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