10 Laws of Living

10 Laws of Living

Course Description: Topics of Discussion

  • Duality is Reality
  • Discovering oneself in Diversity is the law of life
  • Times transcend events of life
  • Three triangles of modes
  • Randomness and predictability
  • Dynamics of uncertainty and certainty
  • Good comes from resources
  • Individual growth is connected to collective growth
  • Freedom is not a privilege, not a gift but a character of everyone.

Course Benefits to students:
We tend to believe that our scriptures teach us how to leave the world however there is much to share on how to live in this world.
Govinda Das a thought leader and an author over many decades of study of our sacred text reveal the 10 laws of living which are still relevant in our present-day context. Submitting and acting in alignment with these timeless principles will bring stability and sustainable growth amidst the complexities and volatility in and around us.




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